Dragon Wings - Blazin Buffalo Style

Dragon Wings - Chicken Jerky
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With the classic taste of Buffalo Wings and the tender gourmet taste of Boyd Specialties Jerky, this product is unlike anything else on the market.

Traditionally, chicken and other poultry jerky has been made by increasing the temperature of the oven and cooking it longer to dry it out more. But not Boyd Specialties. We custom designed our oven system to inject moisture into the chamber while the jerky is being cooked and then slow dried so that it has the same tender juicy taste as our beef jerky. Because of this revolutionary process, our chicken jerky has the same 12 month shelf life as the beef product we cook. The final product is a taste and texture that seems to have just fallen off the bone. The only thing that’s missing is the bleu cheese.

Dragon Wings is a Gluten free product.

As with all of our jerky, Dragon Wings have no preservatives and no MSG. It is a low sodium and low fat snack that is perfect for a quick burst of energy. This on-the-go snack has a mouth-watering taste that is truly a premium treat for the jerky lover!

Like all Boyd Specialties products, Dragon Wings has a 12-month shelf life and each bag includes a free flosser toothpick. This convenience assures that after you finish eating this premium meat snack you won’t have to worry about jerky being caught in your teeth.